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Transformational Career Services

We provide transformational career services to leaders who are active or passive in their job search by helping them communicate their value and accomplishments to recruiters and hiring managers. Your career brand is inclusive of your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn, and personal brand.

We specialize in assisting leaders and/or aspiring leaders with 3+ years of experience serving in a corporate function. 

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Who are our services for:

Our Services are for current or future leaders who:​

  • Struggle with communicating their value and accomplishments on their resume.

  • Are unsure of how to tell their career story.

  • Understand the value of investing in their career.

  • Have been applying to jobs and are not getting any callbacks.

  • Are not willing to settle for just another job, but are looking to be a part of an organization where they can create transformation.

  • Know that their current resume is holding them back from the right opportunity.

The results we create:

Our clients on average: ​

  • Gain the attention of recruiters and hiring managers 5X faster.

  • Show immediate value and negotiate higher-paying salaries.

  • Spend less time in the job market looking for a new job.

  • Have improved confidence and apply for bigger and better opportunities.

  • Get to decide between multiple job offers because hiring managers understand their value.

Our clients generate more interviews in 14 days or less!

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Our Services

Resume Writing

Get a targeted resume driven by keywords and accomplishments to capture the recruiter and   hiring manager's attention.

Job Search Strategy

Learn how to identify more opportunities outside of job boards. It takes more than the traditional job boards to be successful in your job search.

Linkedin Optimization

Drive recruiters right to you by speaking to the need of the organization, and engaging decision makers. According to Forbes 95% of recruiters are on LinkedIn looking for job candidates.

Career Coaching

Sometimes you need to talk it out or be pointed in the right direction. Maybe it's the accountability. People who seek to partner with career coaches are proven to be more successful in their career  and quicker.

Client Transformations

Tea is extremely professional and always up-to-speed on employment trends; how to market yourself to an employer, resume targeting, advancement of your career, interview prep and increasing salary with current employer. I have worked with Tea in all areas mentioned for 8+ years. She has also assisted

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Ashley F.
Business Development Manager