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Empowering Leaders to Communicate Their Value and Shine with Confidence


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Payment Flexibility Without the Stress


Split your purchases into 4 payments over 6 weeks, 2 payments over 2 weeks with 0% interest, or choose to pay monthly.¹

Career Services Packages

We do offer payment plans via Paypal and Sezzle


    Valid for one month
    • Tailored Resume
    • Personalized Cover Letter
    • LinkedIn Profile Enhancement
    • Resume Strategy Session
    • Fast 7-10 Business Day Turnaround

    Valid for 2 months
    • Tailored Resume
    • Personalized Cover Letter
    • LinkedIn Profile Enhancement
    • Personalized Resume Strategy Session
    • 2 Coaching Sessions for Guidance and Support
    • 2 Months of Power Your Search™️
    • Essential Job Search Resources
    • Fast 7-10 Business Day Turnaround
    • ⭐Service Guarantee

    Partner with us in your job search! We'll apply to 120 positions for you.
    Valid for 3 months
    • Tailored Resume
    • Personalized Cover Letter
    • LinkedIn Profile Enhancement
    • Personalized Resume Strategy Session
    • 3 Months of Power Your Search™️
    • DISC Assessment for Personalized Insights
    • Essential Job Search Resources
    • 4 Coaching Sessions for Guidance and Support including:
    • ▪️ Skills Assessments
    • ▪️ Interview Preparation
    • ▪️ Job Search Strategy
    • Fast 7-10 Business Day Turnaround
    • ⭐Service Guarantee

In today's dynamic job landscape, a standard resume won't cut it. You need a powerful resume, a testament to your value and potential, and a document that showcases your unique story in a way that sets you apart

At Cooper Squared Career Services, we excel at transforming your career into a compelling narrative. We craft resumes that resonate with your essence—highlighting your leadership, accomplishments, and the exceptional value you bring to any organization.


Accelerate Your Job Search Success: Guiding Leaders to Secure More Interviews in 90 Days or Less. Enhance Your Communication of Value and Exude Confidence to Make a Lasting Impression in the Competitive Job Market.

Custom Excellence

We don't follow a cookie-cutter approach. Your resume should mirror your individuality. We meticulously tailor each resume to amplify your strengths, experiences, and aspirations, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your desired job roles.

Pursuit of Excellence

We are dedicated to achieving nothing short of excellence with every resume. Our team of seasoned resume architects possesses the expertise and finesse to elevate your resume to the zenith, providing you with a clear advantage in a fiercely competitive job market.

Strategic Value Amplification

Our forte is strategic value amplification. We decipher what hiring managers seek and how to accentuate your triumphs and skills effectively, making you an irresistible candidate for your targeted role.

Collaborative Synergy

 At Cooper Squared, we believe in a collaborative approach. We listen intently to your career aspirations, challenges, and goals. Your journey is our priority, and we work hand in hand to craft a resume that mirrors your ambitions, ensuring you feel a true sense of ownership and alignment.

If you’d like more information about our services, get in touch today.

Our Services

Resume Writing

Unleash the Power of Your Career Story: Secure Recruiters' and Hiring Managers' Attention with a Targeted Resume, Showcasing Keywords and Accomplishments that Articulate Your Unique Professional Journey

Job Search Assistance

We will help you

Power Your Search™️ by helping you land right in the recruiters inbox. You will be introduced to 100+ recruiters within 30 days, and have the opportunity to view and apply to matched opportunities. 

Linkedin Optimization

Attract Recruiters to You: Address Organizational Needs and Captivate Decision Makers. With 95% of Recruiters Actively Seeking Job Candidates on LinkedIn (Forbes), Position Yourself for Success and Drive Opportunities Directly to Your Inbox.

Career Coaching

Unlock the Power of Conversation and Guidance: Sometimes, Talking It Out or Receiving Pointed Direction is Exactly What You Need. Embrace Accountability and Join the Ranks of Successful Individuals who Partner with Career Coaches, Accelerating their Career Progression with Remarkable Speed

Client Transformations

Tea is extremely professional and always up-to-speed on employment trends; how to market yourself to an employer, resume targeting, advancement of your career, interview prep and increasing salary with current employer. I have worked with Tea in all areas mentioned for 8+ years. She has also assisted

Confident Woman

Ashley F.
Business Development Manager

People We've Served

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Our Partner

Cooper Squared Career Services is happy to partner with CareerFitter as a trusted resource for career assessment tests.
Learn more about their career test.
Also, contact Cooper Squared Career Services to receive a CareerFitter career assessment test that includes your Premium Career Report and Career Resource Dashboard.

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