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About Us

Welcome to Cooper Squared Career Services, led by Tea Cooper, the esteemed Founder and Chief Career Strategist. With a remarkable journey in the industry since 2016, Cooper Squared Career Services has become a trusted partner for over 500 job seekers, empowering them to effectively communicate their unique career brand and unlock extraordinary opportunities.

Tea Cooper brings a wealth of experience as a former recruiter, leader, and catalyst for initiatives, granting her a profound understanding of what it takes to seize exceptional prospects. Her expertise lies in guiding and collaborating with clients, enabling them to operate within the realm of the top 1%. This exclusive space is where intentional action propels individuals toward remarkable career outcomes.

As a recognized top coach, Tea Cooper provides a structured, focused approach to developing exceptional leadership skills. Through a carefully crafted program, each session builds upon the previous one, empowering you to lead with unwavering confidence, make strategic decisions, and achieve extraordinary results.

Join us on a transformative journey, experience the power of intentional action, and elevate your leadership to new heights under the expert guidance of Tea Cooper. Discover the remarkable transformation that awaits you and unlock a future brimming with unparalleled success.

Tea Cooper holding a book.
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To be the catalyst that empowers individuals to cultivate an exceptional career brand, propelling their confidence to unparalleled heights and enabling peak performance in their professional journeys.


To support leaders in effectively communicating their leadership abilities and notable accomplishments during their job search journey, empowering them to effortlessly secure their next remarkable career opportunity.

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