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Emerging as A Leader in the Workplace: How to be a Leader at Work?

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

All leaders can be counted as managers of some sort, but can all managers be considered effective leaders? You can land a management position, come to your office daily, and delegate tasks, but leadership is much more than that.

Remember, people can't choose their managers, but they most definitely choose the person they wish to follow, i.e., their leaders.

How can you become a leader in the workplace? You need to understand that leaders aren’t born; they nurture and develop the ability to lead successfully over time.

Why We Need Leaders in the Workplace?

In managerial terms, a leader is a vital part of any organization that helps direct resource utilization for improved efficiency and to attain organizational goals. You can get the necessary skills and knowledge needed to run a company, but putting them effectively to use while helping your company meet its goals is a different kind of challenge.

Influential leaders do so by coaching and guiding their teams and allowing them to express their own ideas along the way. Good leaders know how to take on tasks themselves and how to delegate tasks to employees. They empower their team so they can work in tandem to bring their organizational goals to completion. Employees who work under such leaders are also much more productive, content at work, and feel more connected with their organization.

Signs You Need to Improve Your Leadership Skills

Just because a specific leadership style may have helped you advance in your career doesn't mean it will help you in your new role. You may have to bring changes to your leadership style to become a more effective leader. Think:

  • Do you feel out of touch with the people you lead?

  • Do you face constant conflict, irritation, and frustration among your team?

  • Are people not too responsive to you?

  • Do you not see any professional or personal growth in the people you lead?

  • Do you find yourself uncertain about making decisions on time?

  • Do you refrain from giving your honest, constructive feedback to your workers?

All of these issues stem from poor leadership. To effectively avoid these behaviors, you need to master certain leadership skills.

How to be a Leader at Work?

The real goal is not how to be a leader but how to become a great leader.

If you are an employee looking to emerge as a leader someday or are already in a managerial position, there are some core skills you need to develop. Here we will discuss some ways you can improve your leadership style and emerge as an effective leader in the workplace.

1. Communicate and Engage with Your Team

Great leadership is all about communicating effectively. Poor communication often leads to miscommunicated goals, lost sales, and low morale. On the other hand, effective communication can help build trust, align efforts, inspire positive change, and better describe organizational goals.

Managers spend as much as 80% of their workday communicating with others. You have to understand that communication includes both listening to the message and correctly perceiving the emotions behind the message. Great leaders know when it is time to listen to others’ opinions, ideas, and feedback and when it is time to offer feedback of their own.

If you happen to initiate the communication process or are adding a response, always be clear, transparent, and empathetic. Clarity and transparency will ensure that there is no confusion about what you need to be done, what your company goals are, and how you hope to meet t